Wondrous tales of the blind ferryman

Wondrous tales of the blind ferryman

Pastel Drawing
Size A2
Framed, non-reflective glass.

After reading a book called “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse, which was about India in the days of long ago, I kept thinking about ferryboats and the ferrymen who usually rowed them across the river, and in particular, a blind ferryman, and how he would cope, even though there is no such character in the book.

I was also fascinated by the locomotive power of the river, and how it could be used to cross the river without any physical effort by the ferryman.

This pastel drawing is my solution to this problem.

Of course just showing how the ferryboat works would not make a very interesting picture, so, my ferryman was not only blind, but also a wondrous storyteller, he was also ingenious, having thought up a way to cross the river without having to physically row across.

He was very famous for his wondrous tales which he would tell to his passengers as he relaxed and the flow of the river took the ferryboat across from bank to bank.
However, in this instance, his passengers were a young couple who were more interested in each other, as most young people are, than the tales of an old, blind, ferryman.

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