Pastel Drawing
A2 framed

Nana lives in an old castle, situated in a magical forest, at night she walks into the surrounding woods, climbs onto the limb of a tree and sings her song, as only she can.

So soft and sensuous is her song that all the birds and animals come out to listen to her.

Even the flowers turn their heads towards her sensuous tune.

This pastel was inspired by a little girl Nana, who lives opposite me.

One day I heard this singing in the street, on investigation I saw it was Nana standing barefoot on the corner post of the fence holding the street sign and singing away without a care in the world.

To draw her standing on top of a chain wire fence holding a corner street sign of Terrace St. and Clay St, seemed a little pedestrian, so I concocted the above story and developed the drawing from that.

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