Goings on under a full moon

Goings on under a full moon


Pastel Drawing circa 1977
Size: approximately A2
Framed, non-reflective glass

The night is cool, the moon is full and soft, under the trees at a turn in the twisting babbling brook, which is alive with darting minnows, which are catching the night insects which are attracted to the water, a group of strangely dressed people stand in a circle around a naked old man in a yoga pose.

Obviously, it is summer, and maybe, looking at some of the characters, there may be a circus nearby.
The composition is pendulous, with the full moon as the fulcrum, and the circle of figures as the swinging weight, the babbling brook twisting its way down, is the connection between the fulcrum and the weight.

Idrew this picture many years ago, but it still fascinates me, and still gives me great pleasure to look and think about it.

At one stage it got lost, and was found by my grandson about ten years ago, in my daughters garden shed, he wanted to use it to practice his graffiti on it.

Fortunately, I was visiting at the time and quickly confiscated it, it was unframed and pretty dirty, but a quick hose down and a spray with Coles Hairspray and it was as good as new, I then framed it behind a piece of non-reflective glass with a nice wide white, matt and it has been hanging on my wall ever since, and is my favourite work of art. 

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