Monochrome Chairs (1999)

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"Monochrome Chairs" was an installation exhibited at the Soapbox Gallery, Brisbane, Queensland, in November 1999.

"Monochrome Chairs" consisted of over 400 miniature chairs in a continuous diagonal grid pattern on 2 large wall panels and 9 small floor panels. The two wall panels were a total of 2.5m high x 1.75m wide and the floor panels a total of 1.65m x 1.65m, in all a total of 7.5 square metres.

Each chair was hand made from scrap timber, matchsticks, toothpicks etc., and is unique in design, shape and size.

"Monochrome Chairs" celebrates the re-plantation of forests and the creation of a sustainable eco-system through the diagonal grid pattern which evokes a sense of a man-made forest plantation and the use of timber in the construction of a useful commodity rather than pulping the trees to make paper and cardboard.

The monochrome nature of the work and the choice of Ultramarine Blue is a contrasting link between a contemporary art form and the hand made craft effect of the individual chairs.

One of the large wall panels, consisting of 128 chairs, won the 'Churchie Emerging Art Award - 2000' in Brisbane, Queensland. At the time the work was singled out by the judges for its "maximised minimalism".

The original smaller floor panels have since been adapted to wall panels and are now, as with the larger panels, in various collections throughout Australia.

One particular panel, consisting of 31 chairs, was specially adapted to fit into a Frameworks insert box for Manly Art Gallery and Museum, N.S.W. in a recycling exhibition from September 2001 until February 2002.


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